These cellulose base, with one of their exceptional qualities lies in easy absorbing & releasing the liquid contents due to which germs & bacterial growth is prevented.Forget the messy rags. It’s time to welcome a new way of life. These completely practical, convenience and super absorbent wipes can be used to clean anything, from crockery to automobiles, Multi Use Duster will turn your world to a hygiene heaven.

Product USP :-

➤ Strong, Resilient, Washable & Reusable
➤ High anti-static, Low surface resistivity
➤ Uniformity
➤ Nontoxic, anti-bacteria and endure of corrosive
➤ Excellent softness and comfort
➤ Excellent moisture absorbing capability

Additional Information

Product Code:            WS001
Category:                      FMCG - Cleaning & Dusting
Packet:                           5 Wipes
Dimension:                    30.5 x 50.5cm