Switch over to a cleaner DISPOSABLE DRY WIPE HANKY. It is absorbent, soft, disposable and a perfect substitute for traditional clothes. It is a highly versatile piece of fabric due to its strength when pulled along the same straight lines our cut wipes are made from super soft nonwoven spunlace fabric, especially used in Saloon, spa, hotels, restaurants and in our homes. Easy to carry Lightweight, ideal for travel, fitness or daily cleaning, it is the best choice for family and travel, suitable for professional and private use, and can be used for travel bags, wallets or travel bags when needed. Safe and odorless with comfortable texture. Lightweight and portable to carry. Effectively clean your skin.

Product USP :-

➤ Strong, Resilient, Washable & Reusable
➤ High anti-static, Low surface resistivity
➤ Uniformity
➤ Nontoxic, anti-bacteria and endure of corrosive
➤ Excellent softness and comfort
➤ Excellent moisture absorbing capability

Additional Information

Product Code:            WS019
Category:                      FMCG - Health & Hygiene
Color:                             White
Packet:                           6pcs
Dimension:                    40.6 x 40.6cm