Easy to wash and dry, soft and comfortable, excellent water absorbency .Natural anti- bacterial, no smell ,has keeping mites away and beauty two big function, along with gentle neutral color ,Elegant style, suitable for all people using. Ours facial towels are non toxic, they are soft, brief, but also elegent, with absorption and color fastness, they are easy for wash, and won’t be harden. The quality is very excellent and price is reasonable and competitive. They are biodegradable keeping our planet green.

Product USP :-

➤ Strong, Resilient, Washable & Reusable
➤ High anti-static, Low surface resistivity
➤ Uniformity
➤ Nontoxic, anti-bacteria and endure of corrosive
➤ Excellent softness and comfort
➤ Excellent moisture absorbing capability

Additional Information

Product Code:            WS0007
Category:                      FMCG - Health & Household
Color:                             White
Packet:                           5pcs
Dimension:                    20.3 x 20.3cm