Wiping Solution LUNCH BOX WRAPS are washable & reusable. It is an bacteria and fungus free and is hygienic in nature. It is the best replacement to aluminium foil. Wiping Solution comes up with innovative ideas time and again to help mankind live a hygienic and a healthier life. Ideal for lunch boxes & tiffins must for school going children & office going adults.

Product USP :-

➤ Strong, Resilient, Washable & Reusable
➤ High anti-static, Low surface resistivity
➤ Uniformity
➤ Nontoxic, anti-bacteria and endure of corrosive
➤ Excellent softness and comfort
➤ Excellent moisture absorbing capability

Additional Information

Product Code:            WS0015
Category:                      FMCG - Health & Hygiene
Color:                             White
Packet:                           15pcs
Dimension:                    30 x 30cm