Wiping Solution ROTI WRAP is an excellent replacement to Aluminium Foil and is an bacteria and fungus free. Wiping Solution comes up with innovative ideas time and again to help mankind live a hygienic and a healthier life. Wiping Solution ROTI WRAP made from non-woven, bacteria and fungus free material allows chapatis, rotis or parathas to stay fresh for a longer time. It's porous design allows moisture to liberate from fresh cooked breads and negates chances of it becoming soggy while in the casserole or in the lunch box. It is washable and reusable to several times.

Product USP :-

➤ Strong, Resilient, Washable & Reusable
➤ High anti-static, Low surface resistivity
➤ Uniformity
➤ Nontoxic, anti-bacteria and endure of corrosive
➤ Excellent softness and comfort
➤ Excellent moisture absorbing capability

Additional Information

Product Code:            WS025
Category:                      FMCG - Home & Kitchen
Color:                             White & Green
Packet:                           25pcs,15pcs
Dimension:                    30 x 37.5cm